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Google Adsense best paying keyword list with price

Keyword, Cost Per Click, Clicks/Day, Cost/Day
insurance, $17.41, 49,893.5, $868,645.81
hotels, $3.52, 200,636.0, $706,238.75
film, $2.88, 183,044.0, $527,166.75
home, $3.89, 102,282.5, $397,878.91
car, $5.09, 52,069.5, $265,033.75
schools, $4.13, 60,913.0, $251,570.69
acting, $2.28, 106,337.0, $242,448.36
credit, $8.67, 25,705.0, $222,862.34
cheap, $2.71, 82,139.5, $222,598.05
digital, $1.70, 130,607.0, $222,031.91
hotel, $2.38, 84,776.5, $201,768.06
film schools, $5.64, 35,501.5, $200,228.45
software, $3.23, 61,259.5, $197,868.19
new, $2.17, 90,415.0, $196,200.55
online, $2.70, 71,287.0, $192,474.91
auto insurance, $29.48, 6,453.0, $190,234.44
rental, $5.97, 31,635.5, $188,863.94
free, $1.06, 172,680.5, $183,041.33
travel, $5.02, 35,084.5, $176,124.19
auto, $7.28, 23,610.5, $171,884.44
video, $2.01, 83,295.0, $167,422.95
mortgage, $13.03, 12,172.0, $158,601.16
flights, $1.91, 75,692.0, $144,571.72
editing, $2.37, 57,747.0, $136,860.39
refinance, $20.01, 6,827.0, $136,608.27
loans, $9.38, 13,966.5, $131,005.77
uk, $1.43, 86,623.5, $123,871.60
computer, $3.67, 33,043.5, $121,269.64
buy, $2.06, 58,840.5, $121,211.43
stay, $15.51, 7,790.5, $120,830.65
extended, $16.32, 7,360.5, $120,123.36
on, $1.11, 107,542.0, $119,371.62
city, $2.82, 42,006.0, $118,456.92
extended stay, $20.13, 5,758.0, $115,908.54
home insurance, $18.75, 6,152.0, $115,350.00
training, $3.60, 31,112.0, $112,003.20
travel insurance, $11.29, 9,861.0, $111,330.69
san, $2.43, 42,178.5, $102,493.75
cars, $3.90, 26,198.5, $102,174.15
debt, $9.17, 11,104.5, $101,828.26
furniture, $1.76, 57,463.5, $101,135.76
real, $3.59, 27,982.0, $100,455.38
summer, $3.82, 26,155.0, $99,912.10
sale, $2.30, 42,940.0, $98,762.00
pc, $3.49, 28,194.0, $98,397.06
homes, $3.01, 32,240.0, $97,042.40
camera, $1.50, 64,693.0, $97,039.50
phone, $3.00, 32,318.0, $96,954.00
screenplay, $0.89, 106,319.0, $94,623.91
vacation, $2.55, 36,892.0, $94,074.60
car rental, $7.41, 12,394.5, $91,843.24
rental car, $7.41, 12,394.5, $91,843.24
estate, $3.61, 25,225.5, $91,064.05
web, $3.32, 26,707.0, $88,667.24
equity, $8.62, 10,221.5, $88,109.33
card, $4.41, 19,692.0, $86,841.72
beach, $2.75, 31,511.5, $86,656.62
computers, $6.15, 14,001.5, $86,109.22
digital camera, $1.44, 59,339.0, $85,448.16
business, $3.42, 24,832.0, $84,925.44
movie, $0.91, 92,459.0, $84,137.69
real estate, $4.15, 20,186.0, $83,771.90
training video, $3.99, 20,554.5, $82,012.45
colleges, $4.64, 17,660.0, $81,942.40
for sale, $2.43, 32,392.0, $78,712.56
flowers, $6.55, 11,951.0, $78,279.05
accessories, $2.49, 31,092.5, $77,420.32
vacations, $3.32, 23,254.5, $77,204.94
finance, $6.09, 12,273.5, $74,745.61
property, $2.50, 29,539.0, $73,847.50
sony, $3.91, 18,848.5, $73,697.63
loan, $11.54, 6,375.5, $73,573.27
film editing, $5.77, 12,621.5, $72,826.05
film editing schools, $5.77, 12,615.5, $72,791.43
tickets, $2.38, 30,372.5, $72,286.55
directing, $6.89, 10,454.5, $72,031.50
credit loans, $7.52, 9,554.5, $71,849.84
equity loans, $7.75, 9,137.0, $70,811.75
debt loans, $7.52, 9,145.0, $68,770.40
american, $3.01, 22,797.5, $68,620.47
how, $0.81, 84,385.0, $68,351.85
tv, $1.66, 41,020.0, $68,093.20
from, $1.26, 53,020.0, $66,805.20
google, $2.71, 24,641.5, $66,778.46
life, $3.66, 17,795.0, $65,129.70
with, $1.11, 58,094.0, $64,484.34
new york, $2.30, 27,993.5, $64,385.05
clothing, $1.76, 35,872.5, $63,135.60
packages, $2.32, 27,174.0, $63,043.68
shoes, $1.88, 33,222.0, $62,457.36
list, $2.28, 27,387.0, $62,442.36
dvd, $1.38, 44,388.0, $61,255.44
vegas, $3.95, 15,114.0, $59,700.30
price, $2.34, 25,500.5, $59,671.17
storage, $4.16, 14,037.5, $58,396.00
laptop, $4.87, 11,947.5, $58,184.32
west, $2.73, 21,150.0, $57,739.50
office, $2.46, 23,410.5, $57,589.83
london, $2.04, 27,925.0, $56,967.00
cell, $2.91, 19,440.5, $56,571.85
florida, $2.42, 23,298.5, $56,382.37
used, $2.27, 24,200.0, $54,934.00
cheap flights, $1.82, 30,086.5, $54,757.43
apartments, $2.48, 21,864.0, $54,222.72
camps, $4.80, 11,281.5, $54,151.20
las vegas, $4.03, 13,418.0, $54,074.54
best, $1.88, 28,709.0, $53,972.92
laptops, $6.34, 8,487.0, $53,807.58
summer camps, $5.17, 10,403.0, $53,783.51
health, $3.17, 16,943.5, $53,710.89
inn, $4.98, 10,669.5, $53,134.11
televisions, $3.43, 15,373.0, $52,729.39
cameras, $2.63, 19,837.0, $52,171.31
direct, $7.44, 6,860.5, $51,042.12
chicago, $2.54, 19,991.0, $50,777.14
equipment, $2.82, 17,804.0, $50,207.28
service, $2.48, 20,104.0, $49,857.92
how to, $0.81, 61,529.5, $49,838.89
film festivals, $9.05, 5,497.0, $49,747.85
can, $0.83, 59,168.5, $49,109.85
digital cameras, $2.54, 19,307.0, $49,039.78
cameras digital, $2.54, 19,307.0, $49,039.78
vacation packages, $2.49, 19,661.5, $48,957.13
dell, $6.50, 7,494.0, $48,711.00
festivals, $8.78, 5,527.0, $48,527.06
cheap hotels, $3.07, 15,701.5, $48,203.60
film colleges, $4.98, 9,669.5, $48,154.11
list of, $2.99, 16,067.5, $48,041.82
dating, $2.94, 15,979.5, $46,979.73
air, $1.79, 25,964.5, $46,476.45
cards, $3.55, 13,012.5, $46,194.37
house, $1.75, 26,123.0, $45,715.25
programs, $3.17, 14,416.0, $45,698.72
supplies, $2.67, 17,100.0, $45,657.00
internet, $2.31, 19,738.5, $45,595.93
college, $1.92, 23,212.5, $44,568.00
tvs, $3.52, 12,651.5, $44,533.28
range, $2.73, 16,280.0, $44,444.40
car insurance, $20.14, 2,206.0, $44,428.84
institutes, $4.78, 9,291.5, $44,413.37
toys, $2.27, 19,513.0, $44,294.51
phones, $3.95, 11,189.0, $44,196.55
quotes, $4.79, 9,180.0, $43,972.20
where, $0.83, 52,562.5, $43,626.87
houston, $3.09, 13,819.5, $42,702.25
jobs, $1.64, 25,819.5, $42,343.98
movers, $6.63, 6,285.5, $41,672.86
rooms, $2.88, 14,465.0, $41,659.20
orlando, $3.25, 12,805.5, $41,617.87
los angeles, $2.95, 14,031.0, $41,391.45
one, $2.44, 16,904.5, $41,246.98
screen, $2.63, 15,633.0, $41,114.79
motels, $2.72, 14,997.5, $40,793.20
bank, $2.39, 16,980.0, $40,582.20
get, $1.31, 30,947.5, $40,541.22
classes, $3.43, 11,767.5, $40,362.52
personal, $3.81, 10,573.0, $40,283.13
music, $1.19, 33,829.5, $40,257.10
holiday, $3.20, 12,579.5, $40,254.40
printer, $5.32, 7,508.0, $39,942.56
my, $1.00, 39,925.5, $39,925.50
printers, $6.21, 6,373.0, $39,576.33
services, $2.87, 13,645.0, $39,161.15
players, $2.49, 15,707.0, $39,110.43
system, $2.00, 19,529.0, $39,058.00
california, $2.36, 16,492.5, $38,922.30
care, $2.80, 13,864.5, $38,820.60
wireless, $2.52, 15,330.5, $38,632.86
report, $5.61, 6,879.0, $38,591.19
world, $1.86, 20,650.0, $38,409.00
management, $3.23, 11,871.0, $38,343.33
all, $1.56, 24,556.5, $38,308.14
website, $2.78, 13,778.0, $38,302.84
search, $2.17, 17,550.0, $38,083.50
jewelry, $2.16, 17,512.5, $37,827.00
holidays, $2.60, 14,547.0, $37,822.20
writing, $1.13, 33,456.0, $37,805.28
can i, $0.87, 43,109.0, $37,504.83
i can, $0.87, 43,109.0, $37,504.83
credit card, $11.10, 3,367.5, $37,379.25
school, $1.05, 35,582.5, $37,361.62
films, $3.04, 12,228.0, $37,173.12
rental cars, $9.65, 3,797.0, $36,641.05
network, $3.69, 9,843.0, $36,320.67
dvds, $1.62, 22,377.0, $36,250.74
mobile, $2.17, 16,685.0, $36,206.45
bay, $3.60, 10,021.5, $36,077.40
company, $2.70, 13,338.0, $36,012.60
pc laptops, $5.72, 6,250.5, $35,752.86
canada, $1.47, 24,282.0, $35,694.54
hp, $3.48, 10,200.0, $35,496.00
discount, $2.27, 15,619.5, $35,456.26
high, $1.08, 32,762.0, $35,382.96
south, $1.88, 18,749.0, $35,248.12
cell phone, $2.88, 12,181.5, $35,082.72
bed, $1.91, 18,350.0, $35,048.50
time, $1.67, 20,880.5, $34,870.43
hotel rooms, $3.28, 10,578.5, $34,697.48
north, $1.74, 19,936.5, $34,689.51
baby, $1.36, 25,415.0, $34,564.40
hosting, $9.15, 3,762.0, $34,422.30
writing software, $3.54, 9,699.5, $34,336.23
summer acting programs, $3.61, 9,443.0, $34,089.23
ipod, $2.43, 13,924.5, $33,836.53
weight, $4.32, 7,823.5, $33,797.52
airlines, $4.07, 8,242.0, $33,544.94
making, $0.84, 39,633.0, $33,291.72
design, $1.94, 17,071.5, $33,118.71
domain, $10.48, 3,142.0, $32,928.16
no, $0.73, 44,896.5, $32,774.44
washington, $2.16, 15,011.0, $32,423.76
express, $4.79, 6,752.5, $32,344.47
day, $1.47, 21,938.0, $32,248.86
email, $1.66, 19,419.5, $32,236.37
co uk, $1.42, 22,683.5, $32,210.57
your, $1.28, 25,150.5, $32,192.64
medical, $2.41, 13,164.5, $31,726.44
atlanta, $2.70, 11,717.0, $31,635.90
parts, $1.91, 16,530.0, $31,572.30
texas, $1.72, 18,336.5, $31,538.78
start, $1.90, 16,560.0, $31,464.00
security, $3.43, 9,127.0, $31,305.61
name, $2.41, 12,936.5, $31,176.96
server, $2.74, 11,267.0, $30,871.58
where can, $0.85, 36,242.0, $30,805.70
posters, $0.89, 34,353.0, $30,574.17
player, $1.54, 19,834.5, $30,545.13
san diego, $3.13, 9,744.5, $30,500.28
television, $2.55, 11,956.0, $30,487.80
systems, $3.13, 9,713.5, $30,403.25
where can i, $0.84, 36,088.0, $30,313.92
homes for sale, $3.50, 8,634.5, $30,220.75
table, $2.17, 13,919.5, $30,205.31
is, $0.69, 43,690.5, $30,146.44
new cars, $4.70, 6,409.0, $30,122.30
cd, $1.45, 20,380.5, $29,551.72
bedding, $2.94, 10,045.0, $29,532.30
kitchen, $2.04, 14,406.5, $29,389.26
maps, $4.50, 6,510.0, $29,295.00
tax, $2.87, 10,180.0, $29,216.60
big, $1.25, 23,329.0, $29,161.25
desktop, $4.27, 6,794.0, $29,010.38
find, $0.98, 29,524.5, $28,934.01
airport, $1.62, 17,824.5, $28,875.69
bad, $3.13, 9,216.0, $28,846.08
movies, $1.08, 26,649.0, $28,780.92
disney, $2.50, 11,495.0, $28,737.50
fort, $2.52, 11,362.5, $28,633.50
make, $1.49, 19,181.5, $28,580.43
condos, $3.28, 8,706.0, $28,555.68
book, $1.29, 22,014.0, $28,398.06
park, $1.88, 15,026.5, $28,249.82
women's, $1.30, 21,699.0, $28,208.70
money, $2.79, 10,020.0, $27,955.80
store, $2.29, 12,184.0, $27,901.36
line, $2.08, 13,342.0, $27,751.36
rent, $2.94, 9,427.5, $27,716.85
site, $2.00, 13,760.0, $27,520.00
quote, $12.30, 2,223.0, $27,342.90
lake, $1.95, 13,911.5, $27,127.42
investment, $3.24, 8,354.5, $27,068.58
rate, $3.67, 7,288.5, $26,748.79
golf, $1.73, 15,435.0, $26,702.55
what, $0.69, 38,330.0, $26,447.70
apple, $3.84, 6,871.5, $26,386.56
water, $1.56, 16,820.0, $26,239.20
denver, $3.23, 8,068.5, $26,061.25
wedding, $1.27, 20,168.0, $25,613.36
student, $4.63, 5,526.5, $25,587.69
go, $1.39, 18,322.0, $25,467.58
america, $2.71, 9,352.0, $25,343.92
outdoor, $1.85, 13,683.5, $25,314.47
cruises, $4.41, 5,723.0, $25,238.43
map, $1.65, 15,263.0, $25,183.95
f.i.r.s.t, $1.79, 13,985.5, $25,034.04
first, $1.79, 13,985.5, $25,034.04
dallas, $2.82, 8,833.5, $24,910.47
consolidation, $24.18, 1,028.0, $24,857.04
mp3, $1.13, 21,977.0, $24,834.01
island, $2.11, 11,747.0, $24,786.17
ebay, $2.50, 9,894.0, $24,735.00
over, $1.51, 16,327.0, $24,653.77
honda, $2.64, 9,302.5, $24,558.60
plasma, $2.99, 8,206.5, $24,537.43
houses, $2.22, 10,983.0, $24,382.26
download, $0.71, 34,264.0, $24,327.44
cingular, $12.86, 1,888.5, $24,286.11
hair, $1.80, 13,467.5, $24,241.50
shop, $1.82, 13,272.5, $24,155.95
products, $2.84, 8,499.5, $24,138.58
university, $1.45, 16,619.5, $24,098.27
net, $1.12, 21,463.5, $24,039.12
personals, $4.15, 5,760.5, $23,906.07
into, $1.45, 16,464.5, $23,873.52
from to, $1.08, 21,999.5, $23,759.46
photo, $1.52, 15,620.5, $23,743.16
power, $1.50, 15,819.5, $23,729.25
hire, $4.39, 5,364.5, $23,550.15
garden, $1.53, 15,363.0, $23,505.39
movie posters, $0.74, 31,659.5, $23,428.03
toronto, $1.84, 12,617.0, $23,215.28
people, $1.39, 16,683.0, $23,189.37
white, $1.07, 21,521.0, $23,027.47
how to get, $1.43, 16,006.5, $22,889.29
games, $0.84, 27,219.5, $22,864.38
airfare, $2.27, 10,024.5, $22,755.61
drive, $1.94, 11,713.5, $22,724.19
phoenix, $3.04, 7,348.5, $22,339.44
san francisco, $2.67, 8,319.0, $22,211.73
miami, $2.22, 9,950.5, $22,090.11
cruise, $3.80, 5,798.0, $22,032.40
work, $1.28, 17,189.0, $22,001.92
financing, $5.59, 3,933.0, $21,985.47
data, $2.28, 9,620.0, $21,933.60
ink, $4.70, 4,661.0, $21,906.70
laptop computers, $9.71, 2,246.0, $21,808.66
ski, $2.00, 10,898.0, $21,796.00
books, $1.47, 14,813.0, $21,775.11
tampa, $3.49, 6,184.0, $21,582.16
gps, $2.01, 10,732.5, $21,572.32
king, $0.97, 22,095.0, $21,432.15
international, $1.20, 17,851.5, $21,421.80
nextel, $17.02, 1,250.5, $21,283.51
cash, $4.21, 5,048.0, $21,252.08
contact, $2.20, 9,572.5, $21,059.50
center, $1.27, 16,577.0, $21,052.79
pro, $1.60, 13,125.0, $21,000.00
tools, $2.08, 10,080.0, $20,966.40
rates, $4.58, 4,526.0, $20,729.08
flat, $2.47, 8,346.0, $20,614.62
rentals, $3.48, 5,864.5, $20,408.46
sales, $2.39, 8,521.5, $20,366.38
blue, $1.42, 14,321.5, $20,336.53
holiday inn, $9.46, 2,145.0, $20,291.70
furnishings, $1.81, 11,138.0, $20,159.78
memory, $2.31, 8,715.5, $20,132.80
springs, $2.82, 7,125.5, $20,093.91
commercial, $3.58, 5,585.5, $19,996.09
investment property, $3.26, 6,119.0, $19,947.94
media, $1.69, 11,770.5, $19,892.14
gold, $1.69, 11,722.5, $19,811.02
womens, $1.60, 12,373.0, $19,796.80
audio, $1.65, 11,978.0, $19,763.70
party, $1.39, 14,144.5, $19,660.85
microsoft, $1.84, 10,674.0, $19,640.16
expedia, $14.96, 1,311.0, $19,612.56
lcd, $2.34, 8,352.0, $19,543.68
show, $1.18, 16,541.0, $19,518.38
diet, $3.52, 5,537.5, $19,492.00
information, $1.50, 12,983.5, $19,475.25
small, $2.29, 8,483.5, $19,427.21
girls, $0.88, 22,012.5, $19,371.00
names, $2.08, 9,261.5, $19,263.92
watches, $2.12, 9,054.0, $19,194.48
ford, $1.66, 11,483.0, $19,061.78
royal, $3.00, 6,334.5, $19,003.50
help, $2.58, 7,299.0, $18,831.42
desktops, $8.05, 2,338.5, $18,824.92
get into, $1.57, 11,958.5, $18,774.84
stock, $2.81, 6,664.5, $18,727.24
life insurance, $18.52, 1,010.0, $18,705.20
or, $1.08, 17,318.0, $18,703.44
earth, $2.93, 6,377.5, $18,686.07
condominiums, $2.72, 6,846.5, $18,622.48
hard, $2.08, 8,945.0, $18,605.60
diamond, $1.99, 9,341.0, $18,588.59
sites, $1.52, 12,224.0, $18,580.48
enterprise, $12.46, 1,481.5, $18,459.49
home furnishings, $1.87, 9,830.5, $18,383.03
trading, $4.50, 4,076.0, $18,342.00
hardware, $2.31, 7,934.5, $18,328.69
kids, $0.91, 20,139.5, $18,326.94
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